We weren't that happy about the current situation on the DNS market. There were two kinds of DNS providers: We wanted to change that and built a nice infrastructure in the last weeks and months as well as a nice interface to manage your domains. Our infrastructure contains an anycasted network (with own IP space, own ASN as well as BGP Routing) around the world with locations in Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, United Kingdom, New York, Miami, Denver, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and India - of course this isn't finished, we're always looking for new partner datacenters to improve our network. It's already planned to have new PoPs (Point of presence) in Reston, Chicago, Sweden.

The webinterface is built on the top of Node.JS, Express, MySQL and a few other helpful things.

As you can see, we tried to just use the newest and best technology on the market, to provide DNS services for you!